Taher Tree is the 1st company in the field of ( Directed Electronic Payment ) that targets special & unique markets all over the country (Business to Customer {B to C} business model).

The idea began when the founders looked to the local market for a long time and found that there are many industrial Zones & Sectors that include huge No of people (owners & employees) that haven’t been targeted yet by the providers of the online & Electronic Bill Payments (E-B-P),

Here they started to gather all ideas, solutions, tools & resources in one basket and mix them very well to bring out a new module & business model that can connect between the density of those targeted people and the updated version of the Electronic bill payments Tools to beat the pressing need for convenience and easy payments at these heavily staff industrial zones which will enable those staff to save much time that are consuming in performing these transactions at different shops & branches for each service, to save effort, to save transportation cost and to save all other direct and indirect costs.